[3 Fixes] Microsoft Money Not Working in Windows 10

Microsoft Money was once a famous software program for managing private finances. However, for some customers, it would not work on Windows 10. Don’t worry; there are options to repair this problem. In this article, we will explain why Microsoft Money may no longer work and provide you with easy steps to repair the problem. With these tips, you can, without problems, control your budget and begin the usage of Microsoft Money on your Windows 10 system again.

Microsoft Money Not Working in Windows 10

How Do I Fix Microsoft Money not Working on Windows 10?

Microsoft Money was a popular personal finance management software developed by Microsoft. It was released in 1991 and discontinued in 2009. Despite its discontinuation, many users still use it on their Windows computers. Many users have recently reported that Microsoft Money does not work on Windows 10.

Many users have expressed concern over Microsoft Money not working on Windows 10. It has been reported by those who have upgraded from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10. Microsoft Money often crashes or stops responding when users try to launch it. In addition, some users have reported that the software won’t open or shows an error message. For several reasons, Microsoft Money may not function properly on Windows 10. 

Reasons for Microsoft Money Not Working Error

1. Compatibility Issues: Microsoft Money may not be fully compatible with Windows 10 due to its creation for older versions of Windows. This may result in crashes or improper performance.

2. Outdated Drivers: If your computer’s drivers are obsolete, it can prevent Microsoft Money from operating properly. This is especially true if you have upgraded from an older version of Windows to Windows 10.

3. Software Corruption: You may not be able to use Microsoft Money if you have damaged or incorrectly installed software on your computer.

Fixes for Microsoft Money Not Working Error

Solutions for Microsoft Money Not Working issue.

1. Check Compatibility: If Microsoft Money is not compatible with Windows 10, you may need to find a different personal finance management software.

2. Update Drivers: Use a driver update tool or download the most recent drivers from the manufacturer’s website to automatically update your drivers.

3. Reinstall Microsoft Money: You may need to reinstall the software on your Windows 10 computer if it has become corrupt. To do this, uninstall the software and then download and install the latest version from Microsoft.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can I Use Microsoft Money on Windows 10 Without any Issues?

It depends on your specific setup, but there have been reports of compatibility issues with Microsoft Money on Windows 10. It’s recommended to use alternative personal finance software officially supported by Microsoft.

Does Windows 10 support an alternative to Microsoft Money?

Yes, many alternative personal finance software options are available, such as Quicken, Mint, and Personal Capital. These software options are fully compatible with Windows 10.


In conclusion, if Microsoft Money is not working on your Windows 10 device, there are several steps you can take to fix the issue. By checking compatibility, updating drivers, and reinstalling Microsoft Money, you can get your personal finance management software up and running again.

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