Wingeek About Us

Microsofts Windows is one of the largest and most frequently used operating systems in the world. As it is developing every day, bringing in new products, updates, and hardware, it is getting a bit confusing and complicated to keep on track with everything. 

Who Are We

That is why we in wingeek have everything there is about to know about Microsoft Windows under one click away. From installing a new device to a new program, troubleshooting them, and coming up with new ideas for different errors and problems, you will find everything that is to know from our team of windows buffs. 

Our unique team of Editor in Chief, writers, testers, and publishers work together not only for the means to deliver solutions but also because of their passion in this field. Every step of the work is closely monitored and tested numerous times before going on online. So there is very little room for error. 

What Makes Us Different

The reason we are different than other windows solution sites is our motto. We believe in four fundamental things which are very much different than others. 

  • The Solution Is One Click Away

You will find any windows solution just one click away. Even if it is as easy as changing your wallpaper. 

  • Less Word, More on Point Approach

No wordy description. We direct you to the solution step by step with visual guidance with both videos and images. 

  • Customer/ Readers Satisfaction

Our first priority is our customer/reader. That is why we always try to make our articles as friendly and less wordy as possible. You will always get the solution rather than the extra steps.

  • Simplicity and Quality

Although we keep it simple and less wordy, our quality is incomparable. The editorial team strictly overlooks the clarity and quality of every individual article. 

The Fields We Specialize

How to do certain things on windows, how to fix any error or install an update, or add new hardware, you will find everything in one place. We not only write about them but put up every step and instructions with precise guidelines for our visitors to have their ease with a windows device.

You will find every little detail about Windows 10 and 11 on our site. From program installation, troubleshooting, assessment, and adding and removing different devices, to protecting and securing your computer from malware and spyware, we all have it in one place. 

Honorable Mentions

Fun thing is that websites like Onfeetnation, nerdschalk, webranksite, starcourts and many more have mentioned our articles as they are easier to follow and rich with info. 

Moreover, we also answer your question in our forum or even asked directly through our emails. If there is something you don’t find the solution to, simply email us and we will be glad to reply to you back. 

We don’t like to be referred to as tech geniuses, rather than enthusiasts of everything related to the Windows system. And we will keep on bringing new solutions to your problems every week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of windows solution will I find in wingeek?

In Windows Click, We deal with problems related to windows 10 and 11 mainly. 

Will I find assistance regarding different devices in wingeek? Yes. If your device has the ability to connect to a computer, we will assist you