[2 Methods] Call of Duty 2 Single Player Not Working for Windows 10

Released back in 2005, Call of Duty 2, to this day, remains relevant as many of us are still playing it in multiplayer mode. However, if you are someone who wants to take the single-player mode for a spin, you’d be disappointed. Because as of now, the single-player mode in Call of Duty 2 doesn’t work in Windows 10. That is especially true if you want to take advantage of your old CD or DVD copy of the game and don’t want to spend some additional bucks on it on Steam.

Call of Duty 2 Single Player Not Working for Windows 10

If you are someone who used to play Call of Duty 2 on your Windows PC and have upgraded to Windows 10 recently, you might be having this issue where your game won’t run in single player mode anymore. There are a few reasons behind this and depending on your situation, there are multiple possible fixes.

So, in this article, we’re going to share our tried and tested fixes for Call of Duty 2 single-player not working for Windows 10.

Why Call of Duty 2 Single Player Doesn’t Work in Windows 10?

Again, this problem particularly seems to bother users who have used an offline DVD or downloaded a copy of the game. But why is that?

It’s 32-bit only

Although Call of Duty 2 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit, the single-player mode is best running in 32-bit mode. And even though a Windows 10 64-bit installed copy can run 32-bit only games, most older games run into a compatibility issue. But that’s not all, because even if you run the game in compatible mode, it won’t work. Not the single-player mode at least.

DRM Blocking

Did you know that Microsoft put an end to the support for Secure ROM and Safe Disc feature with the introduction of Windows 10?

Now what it means is that it prevents the disc check which was used to verify your purchase back in old days. So even though your game tries to check for an original CD or DVD disc, the request fails automatically because Windows blocks the request.

DEP is Turned on (it stays on by default)

Data Execution Prevention or DEP is a memory protection feature in Windows. It allows windows to select which of a program is executable and which part is not. It’s turned on by default and prevents older games’ executables like the Call of Duty 2 SP.exe from executing fully.

Fix for Call of Duty 2 Single Player Not Working

Although you’ll find many solutions online that supposedly work, in our testing they didn’t. So don’t try turning DEP and DRM blocking off, running in compatibility mode won’t work either. Here are the solutions that work 100 percent all the time.

Solution 1: Use a No CD / DVD Crack

As we have stated earlier, when opened, the Call of Duty 2 single-player executable tries to check for the installation disc but gets blocked by Windows. To circumvent this, use a different executable. Google for Call of Duty 2 no CD fix and download the executable, then replace it with the original in the installed directory. Now when you run the executable, it tricks the game into believing that the disc was checked successfully. So, the game will run without any hiccups.

Solution 2: Add the Game to Steam Library

Another method, and arguably the easier one, is to simply add the game to your Steam library.

But back in 2005, there was no Steamworks integration available for games. So, you cannot use your CD Key to register your old copy of Call of Duty 2 to Steam. But if you buy the game via Steam, it’ll apply all the necessary patches for the single-player mode to work flawlessly.

Don’t want to spend your hard-earned dollars on an already-bought game? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Because you can add the non-steam version of games too in the steam library. To do this, first launch the Steam desktop app and click on the Games menu. Now click on Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. Now choose Call of Duty 2 and click on Add Selected Programs.

Now you can run the Call of Duty 2 Single Player mode from Steam without any hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can Call of Duty 2 run on Windows 11?

Yes, it will. follow the same instructions described in this guide.

How do I fix the Call of Duty 2 crash on my computer?

In the game installation directory, find an application named Battle.net. open it and press Scan and Repair. When finished, try running the game again. Your issue should be resolved.

Why does Call of Duty 2 keep crashing?

If you’ve followed everything mentioned above and your game is still crashing, try updating your graphics card drivers along with DirectX.


If you haven’t already bought the game, and are interested in playing it, we recommend getting it on Steam. As it’s going to work hassle-free. However, if you already own a copy of the vintage masterpiece, that is Call of Duty 2, add it to your Steam library and you are good to go. For non-Steam users, at the moment of writing this article, there are no other alternatives to patching the game with a no CD crack file.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

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