[Solved] Windows Update Stuck at 30 (100% Working)

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Is Windows update stuck at 30% for a long time?

Hence, you are not alone who facing the error on Windows 10 featured PC. In fact, the error is the most common happening indeed. Additionally, it can be stuck at other percentage points too.

Whatever the point is, you need to solve the error and I am going to do so in the entire article. I also include here the possible reasons behind the error.

Windows Update Stuck at 30

Why Windows Update Stuck

I found a couple of reasons, for which Windows Update can be stuck at a fixed point. These reasons are-

  • Internal software conflicts
  • A dormant issue that may spark while installing the Windows update
  • An error by Microsoft’s end (Rare but can happen)

What to Do If Windows Update Stuck at 30

The error that I discussing is solvable. There are several fixes you can apply to resolve the error. Before diving into the deep, take a short look at the list first.

  • Fix 1: Tap ‘ctrl’+’alt’+’del’ together
  • Fix 2: Restart the PC 
  • Fix 3: Enable Safe Mode to Complete the Update Installation
  • Fix 4: System Restore from Safe Mode
  • Fix 5: System Restore from Advanced Startup

Fix 1: Tap ‘ctrl’+’alt’+’del’ Together

Step 1: Firstly you need to tap ‘ctrl’+‘alt’+‘del’ if you are stuck with the error. It will take you to the login window. That means the Windows System might face difficulties at a specific point of the update process.

Step 2: Then you should log on to the PC normally and leave the Windows to continue installing the update.

In rare cases, your PC may restart after pressing the command. 

On the other hand, if nothing happens after pressing the command, you need to follow the next fix.

Fix 2: Restart the PC 

If the PC screen is freezing on the same view because of the error and fail each time whatever you try to do with the PC, you should restart your PC. It can be held by pressing the power button or unplugging the power cable or removing the power cell.

Consequently, the PC will start normally and the error will appear no more. But in some cases, the ‘Startup Settings’ will become evident. If it happens to you, enabling ‘Safe Mode will be your next fix to recover the error.

Fix 3: Enable Safe Mode to Complete the Update Installation

At this stage, you have to enable ‘Safe Mode. To do so, you have to follow the steps below –

Step 1: Press ‘4’ or ‘f4’ while the ‘Startup Settings’ interface will be visible on the screen. ‘Safe Mode’ will allow the PC to start with the minimum access to complete the update installation process. 

Step 2: Finally, Restart the computer if the update installation completes successfully.

But, if somehow the installation has not been completed yet, you will have to follow the next fix.

Fix 4: System Restore in Safe Mode

In this stage, you need to run the ‘System Restore option under the ‘Safe Mode‘. To do so, you can follow the below steps one by one

Step 1: You need to tap the Windows key first. Then type ‘recovery’ and select the same-named ‘Control panel’.

Step 2: Consequently, the ‘Recovery’ window will appear on the screen. From here, you have to choose the ‘Open System Restore’ tool. You will get it under the ‘Advanced recovery tools’ section. 

Step 3: Next, you will see the ‘System Restore’ interface. You need to click on the ‘Next’.

Step 4: In this step, you have to select an available restore point. I would recommend you to click on ‘Scan for affected programs’. After completing the scan, select the desired one and press the ‘Next’ tab.

Step 5: Then check the description to confirm your restore point. After that, you have to press the ‘Finish’ tab to start the ‘System Restore’.If you are not capable to run the ‘System Restore’ from the ‘Safe Mode’, you will need to run it from the ‘Advanced Startup’. I will discuss the process in the next fix.

Fix 5: System Restore from Advanced Startup

You should apply the fix whenever you cannot run the ‘System Restore’ from the ‘Safe Mode’. The alternate way can be, to run the ‘System Restore’ from ‘Advanced Startup’.

The process will be given below –

Step 1: You have to hold the power button for a while whenever the PC screen will be stuck on a point. While the PC will be powered off, you need to tap the power button then. 

Again you need to hold-on the power button whenever the startup screen will appear on the screen. 

You have to do it two more times to get access to the ‘Advanced Startup’.

Step 2: After interrupting the normal PC startup, the ‘Automatic Repair’ interface will appear on the screen. Here you will get ‘Advanced options’. You have to click on it.

Step 3: Consequently, you will get the ‘Choose an option’ interface. From here, you need to click on the ‘Troubleshoot’ option.

Step 4: Then you have to choose the ‘Advanced options’ from the appeared ‘Troubleshoot’ interface.

Step 5: Next, you need to find ‘System Restore’ option from the ‘Advanced options’ section.

While finding the option, you have to click on it.

Step 6: Then you need to select the account and input the password to execute the ‘System Restore’.

Step 7: Select a point wherever you want to restore the system and click ‘Next’. You will get the point options from the list or by scanning.

Step 8: In the end, press ‘Finish’ to confirm the execution. Consequently, the ‘System Restore’ will be complete within a couple of minutes. 

Hopefully, the error won’t take place again.

Final Words

Furthermore, if you are still not capable to start the PC normally and the Windows update stuck at 30% again and again, I would like to recommend you to update the BIOS or do a clean Windows install. As a result, the error will completely vanish from the system.

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