[Fix] Can’t Print From Chrome – 6 Solutions

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Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with Chrome’s ability to print straight from the browser. Almost all affected customers claim to have lost their ability to print from Chrome after doing so effectively for a long time.

The Aw-Snap! problem is frequently reported by users when they begin the printing sequence in Chrome.

If you’re having trouble with this, the remedies below may be of assistance. We were able to uncover a couple techniques that have been successful in resolving the issue for people in a similar circumstance. Please follow the steps below in order until you find a solution that works for you.

can t print from chrome

How to fix “Can’t Print From Chrome”

Method 1: Using the Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P 

If you’re seeking for a quick workaround that won’t need you to go through many stages, the Ctrl + Shift + P shortcut can just help you get around the problem.

Keep in mind, however, that this is merely a workaround because it doesn’t address the fundamental flaws that led Google Print to fail.

Continue with the approach below if this solution isn’t working or if you’re seeking for some measures to tackle the underlying issues.

Method 2: On Google Print, Delete the Excess Printers.

Some users have been able to address the issue without having to remove the browser by correctly managing the printers listed under Google Cloud Print.

As it turns out, having more than one active printer listed in Google Cloud Print might cause complications, preventing users from printing straight from Chrome.

You’ll need to eliminate the extra printers that you don’t use to fix this problem. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish it:

1 . Open Google Chrome, go to the top-right corner’s action box, and select Settings.

2 . Scroll all the way down in the Settings section and choose Advanced to enlarge the drop-down menu. Then, under Printing, scroll down to the Advanced list and select Google Cloud Print.

3 . Then, under Manage Cloud Print devices, click the Manage option next to each printer you’re not presently using, and then remove it.

4 . Restart Google Chrome once you’ve reduced the number of active printers to one and check whether the problem has been fixed and you may now print directly from the browser. If you aren’t, scroll down to the next technique.

Method 3: Delete Chrome’s Local Browsing History Before Uninstalling It

Most customers were able to fix the problem by uninstalling Chrome and clearing their local browser history. Most users have reported being able to print straight from Chrome after reinstalling the most recent version available.

Here’s how to delete your local browsing history, remove Chrome, then reinstall it again:

1 . Open Google Chrome, go to the settings menu, and select More tools > Clear browsing data from the drop-down menu.

2 . After that, change the time range to All time and select the boxes for Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files. Then select Clear Data to begin the wiping procedure. You can safely close Google Chrome after the operation is finished.

3 . To open a Run command, use Windows key + R. Then, to enter Programs and Features, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.

4 . Scroll down through the application list in Programs and Features, right-click on Google Chrome, and select Uninstall. Accept and select Next to proceed if you’re asked if you want to wipe Chrome’s local browsing history.

5 . After Chrome has been removed, restart your computer and go to this website to download the latest version of Chrome using your usual browser.

6 . To install Chrome, open the installer and follow the on-screen prompts. Check whether you can now print straight from Chrome.

If this strategy doesn’t work, try the other options listed below.

Method 4: Taking Complete Control of the Temporary Files Folder

After changing the permissions of the transient folder, some customers were ultimately able to remedy the issue. Giving yourself complete authority over the transient folder, it appears, will allow you to print straight from Google Chrome again.

Although this is sheer guesswork, it’s commonly assumed that a WU update changed the permissions for browsers that were previously installed.

Note: This solution appears to work for people who can print from Internet Explorer but can’t print from Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other third-party browser.

Here’s a fast approach to reclaiming Full Control over the transient folder in Google Chrome so you can print again:

1 . Right-click on the transient folder in C: Users *Your User Name* AppData Local and choose Properties.

2 . Select the first account under Group or user names under Temp Properties, click Edit, and make sure the Allow box linked with Full Control is selected.

Then go through the same steps for all accounts under Group or user names.

3 . Reboot your computer. You should be able to print from any third-party browser, including Google Chrome, after the next restart.

Method 5 : Repairing the Print Spooler Driver 

If none of the preceding approaches worked, there’s a good likelihood the print spooler driver or another Windows component in charge of printing has been corrupted and useless. If you observe that your PC can’t print from somewhere other than Microsoft’s channels (any 3rd party software), this is very probably the cause.

It’s extremely possible that specific files in SYSWOW64 need to be replaced, as numerous people have pointed out. If that’s the case, doing a system repair is your best bet for addressing the problem without having to reinstall your operating system.

We’ll use System File Checker, a Windows application that looks for system file corruption and replaces the faulty files, to initiate a system repair. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to run a System File Checker scan on Google Chrome to repair the printing issue:

1 . Search for “cmd” in the Windows start menu (bottom-left corner). Then right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator from the context menu.

2 . To begin the procedure, type the following command into the elevated command line and hit Enter:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Note : Note that the DISM command utilizes WU (Windows Update) to get the files that will eventually replace the faulty ones. As a result, you must ensure that your internet connection is active and steady; otherwise, the effort will be unsuccessful.

3 . You may finally run the System File Checker utility when the DISM process is finished. To do so, open the elevated Command Prompt and type the following command:

sfc / scannow

4 . Close the elevated Command Prompt and restart your machine after the operation is finished. Check if the printing issue has been repaired and you may now print from third-party programs at the next startup.

Method 6: Reset Chrome to Factory Defaults

Some users were apparently able to resolve the problem by resetting Chrome to its default settings. In this technique, we’ll be doing just that. To do so, you’ll need to:

1 . Launch Chrome and go to the top right corner of the screen to the “Three Dots.”

2 . Scroll down and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

3 . Click the “Reset Google Chrome to its Defaults” option under the “Reset and Cleanup” category.

4 . Check whether the problem still exists after the reset.


Following all of the methods outlined above will assist you in resolving the issue of being unable to print from Chrome. You can take these steps one at a time and test them out on your own. Typically, these issues arise as a result of a broken online connection or malware on the computer, like in the instance of not being able to print from Chrome. As a result, make an effort to update the drivers as soon as possible.

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