Windows 10 for 2GB RAM | Is It Enough to Run or Should I Upgrade?

As the days go by, computer applications are getting heavier with the latest updates and features. This is why the 2GB RAM isn’t efficient enough to process such large data resources and deliver smooth performance. 

In terms of Windows 10, the least RAM requirement for installing this Windows is 1GB. But it’s still insufficient to carry out most modern applications at their best. So, if you’re wondering if 2GB RAM is capable of running your Windows 10, or you may try alternative ways, then you’ve come to the exact place.

Here, we’re going to explain what decision will be best for you and why so. Therefore, without any further ado, read the post till the end.

Windows 10 for 2GB RAM

Is Windows 10 for 2GB RAM Actually Compatible?

If you check for the Windows 10 system requirement, you’ll find out the RAM requirement is 1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit. So, in a way, it’s true that Windows 10 can be run with 2GB RAM. But is it enough? Absolutely no. RAM plays an important role in your system to operate various programs and applications. 

On the other hand, the developers are constantly adding features and releasing updates to make each software more convenient and user-friendly. But doing so increases the data resource amount as a result and makes it heavier. The operating system is no exception.

Therefore, it becomes pretty much difficult for 2GB RAM to process the system software let alone the other modern applications. And so, Windows 10 for 2GB RAM is incompatible, in short, quite a burden. Look at the following table to have an idea of how much RAM you should at least have –

Microsoft OSLeast Requirements Suggested RAM
Windows 10 32-bit1GB4GB
Windows 10 64-bit2GB8GB

Should You Upgrade RAM for Windows 10?

The fact is it’s entirely depending on your needs, especially the applications you prefer to run. The 2GB RAM will let you run Windows 10. You may also run some built-in simple system programs and games. But when you go try updating the Windows to its latest version or upgrading to the latest build, you’ll need more RAM. Otherwise, the 2GB RAM can’t store massive data or handle the workload. The same goes for running the latest applications. 

For easier understanding, we’re giving you an idea about the actual required RAM based on the regular common tasks. Check this out –

Type of UserTasks to PerformRequired RAM (At least)
ProfessionalHigh-performance image editing, gaming, graphic/motion designing, intensive multitasking32GB
IntermediateRunning office programs, simple graphics programs, videos, mailing, heavily internet browsing, multitasking16GB
CasualListening to audio, watching videos, mailing, internet browsing8GB

From this table, it should be clear to you by now that you need to upgrade your RAM in order to have a proper user experience. How much more RAM you should add will completely depend on your operating system’s latest version and the applications you’ll run off and on.

In short, it can be said that the more RAM you can afford, the better and faster the user experience you can have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 32-bit better for 2GB RAM?

Yes, it can be said. 32-bit Windows can have more space to work as it’s smaller and requires less. Even only you can try this with only 1GB RAM. Now, just imagine what it can do while having twice the memory size!

Is 8GB RAM enough for Windows 10?

The most straightforward answer is it varies. It mostly varies on the applications you usually run, and how massive the files are that are used with them. In general, 8GB is adequate for all casual or average users. But for professionals or intensive users, it isn’t quite enough.

How can I make Windows 10 run faster with 2GB RAM?

There are some simplest tasks that you need to perform to make your Windows 10 run faster. Those are – Turning off visual effects, turning off unnecessary startups, turning off the search indexing feature, speeding up the processor, turning on game mode (if available), managing Windows updates for performance, etc.


That’s all. To conclude, in brief, it can be said that Windows 10 for 2GB RAM isn’t a good option to get a better experience from your computer system (unless you want to operate 32-bit and simplest tasks). To get that, it’s obvious to have RAM of at least 8GB. If you have any further queries, feel free to knock us in the comment section.

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