[3 Fixes] DCU.Centennial Windows 10 Pop Up

To fix the DCU. Centennial pop-up, disable the update for the DELL Command or use Debloater PowerShell Script.

DCU.Centennial Windows 10 Pop Up

How to Fix the ‘DCU.Centennial Windows 10 Pop-Up’ Issue on Dell Computer

The DCU.Centennial is a common popup command that appears on Dell computers. This problem mostly appears because of the last version of Windows 10 (1809) after selecting on the board “deinstall this program” on the “DELL Command” icon.

Fix 1: Disable Dell Command Update

Since the Dell Command feature causes the issue, disabling the update for the feature should fix it. 

  • First, go to the old control panel from windows 7, / program and features (not the new parameter panel)
  • Find the program called “DELL Command | Update for Windows 10” and deinstall it.
  • Next, reboot your computer.

If you need this application, you can reinstall it by downloading it from the Dell Support portal.

Fix 2: Debloater PowerShell Script Solution

For the following error, (DCU.centennial://toasthandler/create/newupdatestodownload) use this instruction to solve.

Using Windows10 Debloater PowerShell script might be a potential solution as this issue might appear again after applying future updates. Make sure to enable admin access before using PowerShell. Get this debloater script from GitHub below;

The GUI (graphical user interface) version of the debloater script should work for most users. Also, remember to set Powershell to Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

1. Download the Windows 10 Debloater PowerShell script and unzip it into a directory of your choosing.

2. Open PowerShell with admin privilege.

3. Set PowerShell to execution policy to unrestricted.

– example command   PS C:\temp> Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force

4. In PowerShell, navigate to the location the script is saved at

– example command  PS C:\temp>  cd C:\Temp\Windows10Debloater-master

5. Execute the script

– example command PS C:\temp\Windows10Debloater-master> .\Windows10DebloaterGUI.ps1

6. Make sure to use .\ in front of the Windows10DebloaterGUI.ps1 or the script will fail with an error.

7. Select the Remove All Bloatware button in the dialog box. You can also use the Remove Bloatware Regkeys button, but this step is not mandatory.

8. Reboot the system after the process.

Fix 3: Update Dell Command 

Downloading the latest version of the Dell Command Update should solve the problem. Run a check/update with the updated version and the popup should go away. Make sure to uninstall the corrupt version first.

To Conclude

Note that some previously removed items will be reenabled or partially reenabled after Windows updates are installed. These items make it necessary to run the Windows 10 Debloater script again. Check if the settings are updated and re-enable them again if needed.

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